Penpalling & Letters

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Second Anniversary... Winner!

Penpalling & Letters second anniversary was last 1st January, 2012 and the celebration was running during the first whole month of 2012: Second Anniversary in Penpalling & Letters. Today, February, 29th -a day we only have the chance to live once every four years- I have the pleasure to announce the lucky winner of the prize offered in this contest.

The winner is Miriam Shilling! Congratulations Miriam!

Thank you very much to everybody who took part in this 2nd Anniversary Giveaway! In the end there have been quite a lot of participants and many interesting stories were shared. It has not been easy to choose a winner among them as each contribution was unique and special. So, to those who were not lucky this time, don't give up! Surely there will be more chances to participate in another contest in Penpalling & Letters in the future!