Penpalling & Letters


Writing letters is one of our favourite things to do and a shared one by many of the readers of this Blog, besides many other activities we might like. Which activities interest you besides letter-writing? What do you like to do? Surely everyone has some favourite stuff and hobbies in which likes to invest quality time. Also, there are people who have the ability to do a specific activity brilliantly: drawing, painting, knitting, playing and instrument, gardening, crafting, cooking...; other people like collecting stuff: from postcards to anything you can think about; what about those who lead a website, blog, an online shop...? It is great to see so many personal sites related to the penpalling world, letters, stationery, cute handmade stuff... Therefore, if you have something to tell, to show... I would like to hear from you and what you wish to tell us! Let's say you will be featured in Penpalling & Letters as well as your creations, abilities, collections, website or shop... If you would like to be a part of this project you can contact me at:



I. Meeting Michelle from and
II. Meeting Jasmina from Penpal Junkie
III. Meeting Inês from "Cantinho das Artes da Inês" and "Lojinha da Inês"
IV. Meeting Laura from "Moonstone Shop - The magic essence of creativity"
V. Meeting the Sandbook Team from Sandbook.Net Penpals and Swappers Site
VI. Meeting Clava and her handwork
VII. Meeting Melanie and her cute crafts
VIII. Meeting Ana Isabel and the magical world of Lovelia!

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