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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mail Trivia XIV

Did you know that...

the first mail carried by rail was in United Kingdom in 1830?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Meet Melanie and her cute crafts!

Dear Penpalling & Letters readers,

Welcome to a new post belonging to "The person behind the letter-writer"! Once more, a penpaller has the chance to show us her creations and crafts! Penpalling & Letter's guest this time is Melanie from Germany! Melanie is going to talk about her letter-writing experience, her cute crafts and will be presenting a challenge in her blog: Meli's Letters, Crafts and more!

- Hello Melanie! Welcome to Penpalling & Letters! It is a pleasure you are visiting today and we are very much looking forward to know more about you, your crafts and your letter-world! Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello! I am Melanie, a 29 year-old girl from Germany. I graduated from University last year and I love writing letters and being creative. Writing letters is one of my biggest hobbies for many years now. I think that I wrote my first letter when I was about nine years old. I got my first penpal from a horse magazine called Wendy and the girl was from Germany. But I cannot remember her and I also cannot remember how many letters we wrote. Since that day I am into letter-writing, sometimes more, sometimes less. However, I never really stopped and at the moment I am really into it again. I love letters and I am happy that I met so many nice people through penpalling!
I also like postcards but I only collect USA state map postcards. I am not into Postcrossing anymore but I did it a few years ago and it was always fun. I also like to swap a lot of different stuff although I prefer stationery, crafts stuff and souvenirs. I also like collecting different items: stationery, crafts stuff, state map postcards from the USA, kawaii stuff, key chains from popular places/cities... I am also addicted to stationery and I could say that I have a little store at home!
At the moment I am not really looking for new pen pals but if I meet someone really nice I wouldn't say no! ;)

- Melanie, could you tell us what do you like to create?

At the moment I do a lot of polymer clay stuff like kawaii earrings and similar items which I am trying to sell but I didn't really have much luck yet. I also love scrapbooking and making cards. And I also make purses, too. I'm always open to new crafts!

- How did you get started into handicrafts/papercraft?

I am into crafts since I was a little girl. I often check websites online for new ideas and, at the same time, I am trying a lot of new stuff to do. Guess I was always creative!

- How and where do you get the necessary inspiration to make every item?

Most of the time I get new ideas to create new items online, in craft stores or in craft magazines.

- Which kind of materials do you usually use?

It depends on the different creations. To do my kawaii earrings I just need the polymer clay; to do purses fabrics, buttons, patches; for my cards, scrapbooking materials, rubber stamps, stickers, decorations... And ideas, of course!

- How much time do you invest in every handmade item until it is finished?

I don't really check the time when I work on my crafts. Sometimes I don't finish a specific item that same day so it is hard to say.

- Do you present your creations in an online website where it is possible to check them?

My handcrafts can be visited in my blog: Meli's Letters, Crafts and more or in my Facebook Group: "Cute crafts for you"

- When did you think about starting your own site online?

I had several websites already but I started my blog because my friend has a blog with her creations, too and I really loved how it looked like!

- What can we find when visiting your blog?

I usually write about penpalling and crafts. Also about other different topics sometimes, but most of the time, letters and crafts.

- Do you have favourite items to create yourself?

I really love my kawaii polymer clay creations at the moment!

- Could you explain us how purchasing, payment and shipping work to get any of your items?

First, the client has to pay and then I try to ship the item as cheap as it is possible. I only charge the real shipping costs, not more. Anyone who is interested just contact me.

Melanie is hosting a craft challenge in her blog at the moment, so for further information just check: Craft Challenge 2011 and you will find out everything you have to do to participate there!

Thanks a lot for participating in The person behind the letter-writer! You know you are always welcome to Penpalling & Letters whenever you wish to visit us again!

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sandbook Penpalling Magazine Issue 11

A new magazine, the eleventh issue, corresponding to the month of September is online at Sandbook.Net Penpal and Swappers Site! As all the previous issues, it is on digital format and you can download it as a PDF file at the website: Sandbook Magazine - Issue 11. Have you never heard before about this penpalling magazine? Did you miss any of the previous issues? You still can download them at: Sandbook Magazine Archive.

If you are interested in taking part in future issues of the magazine or the booklet as a guest writer check how to do it in this link: "What to do to participate in Sandbook Magazine".

As in previous occasions, issue number 12 corresponding to the month of October will be online on the 11th October 2011 at: Sandbook.Net Penpal and Swappers Site. Don't miss it! You will be able to read many interesting articles and news on penpalling and other different topics!