Penpalling & Letters

Friday, 1 January 2010

The beginning!

I had an idea in mind for a while already: creating a site where all thoughts about penpalling could be expressed and discussed. Finally, I decided to start this project with the arrival of 2010, so the "Penpalling and Letters Blog" is born.

I expect that everything related to letter writing can be discussed here: ideas, experiences, points of view, opinions, advantages and disadvantages over other ways of communication, how it is possible to build a long and meaningful friendship through letters... I also hope that this site will give everybody the opportunity to learn about other cultures and countries, customs in different parts of the world, typical characteristics of our lands, languages, folklore, music, legends, dance, traditions... So feel free to participate and leave comments any time as all letter-lovers and penpallers are welcome to share their opinions here!


  1. Ive been into penpalling for like 15 years (with a few years break in valid reason).
    Call me conservative, but i prefer it over email 100%....there is something special in finding that letter in your mailbox, which has travelled through so much till it got to you...opening it, and finding that long long message with someone else's handwriting...feels more personal than emails, and you can always take your letters with you and carry them around to read them on a bus or at a cafe or wherever you want....emails just feel impersonal and they are virtual, not something you can actually touch...

  2. Dear Ana,
    Thanks a lot for your comment. It was the first one which opened the comments in the Blog, and really liked to read it!
    I have also been into penpalling for a very long time, and despite I have tried e-mailing, it simply doesn't work for me. There are several reasons, and I totally agree with you in the ones you mention. I will post about both letter and e-mail advantanges and disadvantages in the future. I think it is interesting to compare them and see others' opinion. However, in my opinion, an e-mail will never, never replace a real handwritten paper and the wonderful feeling of getting a letter in the postal mail!