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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pen Friend Clubs of Japan

Before the Internet arrived to our lives I just only got to know one firm or penfriend club where I could find new penpals. Surfing around the net and when trying to find out more information about these helpful penpal organizations back then, I came accross “Pen Friend Clubs of Japan”, which are related to the Japanese Post. This service seems to be similar to the one of Deutsche Post: “Letternet”, although there are some differences. At the PFC website you can read all the information they provide about themselves. The “Pen Friend Clubs of Japan” were founded in 1949 as “Yubin Tomonokai” (its former name) and they were first appointed to junior high school students who were looking “to communicate with friends in various countries, as well as in Japan, through letters”.

As stated in the website, the aims of PFC through letter writing are:

Contribute to PEACE in the world
Promote FRIENDSHIP within the community
Improve our CULTURE

The abbreviation "PFC" is also an acronym for the three mottoes of the Pen Friend Clubs of Japan: PEACE, FRIENDSHIP and CULTURE.

If you are interested in contacting PFC you can write to their mailing address:

Pen Friend Clubs of Japan
Postage Stamps and Postcards Office
Mail Business Division
Japan Post Service Co., Ltd.
Tokyo 100-8798 JAPAN

Also you can fill in an “Application Form” and send it to PFC by postal mail if you are interested in having Japanese or non-Japanese penpals. The service PFC offers is free of charge.

To learn more about Pen Friend Clubs of Japan, visit their website: "Pen Friend Clubs of Japan”

[Information in this entry has been taken from Pen Friend Clubs of Japan]

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