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Friday, 9 April 2010

Penpalling tools - What is your favourite one?

There is a section on the right area of the Blog called Penpalling Polls. I have been publishing a series of questions related to penpalling which might be of interest to all those people who are into writing letters. The polls are indefinitely open because a high number of votes is needed to observe a tendency. However, since the "Favourite Penpalling Tools Poll" reached more than 50 votes I am showing a graphic about it. It is clear that the great majority of participants love letters when penpalling. No-one likes e-mailing or social-networks to communicate in a solid way with his/her penpals. Since the option "other" got one vote... maybe someone out there could explain which one is his/her favourite way of staying in touch with pals...

Keep an eye in the Polls Section as new questions are coming out often!

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  1. other could be telephone or sms messages... just an idea anyway.

  2. I was mainly thinking about written ways, but of course, both phone calls and SMS messages are valid. However, I wouldn't use those myself with my penpals. I mean, as the main source to be in touch with them.
    Nowadays, maybe phone calls are cheaper (there is Skype also), but years ago it would be expensive maintaining a penfriendship this way.
    SMS messages are so short that maybe for important things are useful, but not for telling detailed events.
    I just see telephones, SMS messages, e-mails, social-networks, Twitter, Skype... as additional ways to be in touch with a pal between letters, but not as the main way to be in touch with them.