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Monday, 28 June 2010

A mail-related cute gift...

Some very busy times plus no Internet connection prevent me from updating the Blog often. Hope situation changes soon, though.
Today I just want to show a special gift: a very cute moneybox from the "Spanish Post – Correos España". In fact it is a mini-letterbox! It looks exactly the same as letterboxes you can find in any Spanish street but its size is, obviously, small. Otherwise I couldn't have it at home!


  1. Very cool! We have something similar here in Canada.

  2. That mini-letterbox is really cute!!! Unfortunately we don't have such nice letterboxes here in Germany. And most certainly not as a moneybox. I love the round shape and the crown and horn symbol on it.

  3. I'm having a field day trying to comment on your blog as my computer keeps doing weird things.

    I went into the city today and the bus stop I wanted to get off doesn't exist anymore due to work being done on the road to create a lake. I had to go to the bus station so decided to stop in the tourist and information centre. There we also had a similar look mail box but as sharpner as well as a telephone box. They were so cute but had no one to buy them for so left them. I had originally gone in to get some postcards but they are just so outdated compared to all that has changed here. If you'd like one let me know though :D

  4. I think that when I get to finally travel international again, I will make a point of going to post offices to see if I can find miniature postboxes to bring home. That would be the best souvenir!