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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How to address an envelope

When interested in writing letters, there is the need to learn how to address an envelope. Why is it so important to know how to do it? Remember that the envelope is what your new penpal is going to see first, therefore, the first impression of your new friend on you. Also, take care when writing names and addresses of both sender and addressee. If you want your letter to make its way to your new pal, the address should be correct and also complete. Try to write neatly and clearly, this way not only your penpal will get a good impression, but everything will be in order at the postal service and the delivery of the letter will be satisfactory.

To address correctly an envelope, there are different possibilities depending on the country. In the English-speaking world these are the steps to follow:

- Return address: it is written on the upper left corner of the envelope as it can be seen in the pic.

- Delivery address: it is located in the centre of the envelope as presented in the image.

In both the return address and the delivery address you have to write the sender's name or the recipient's name in the first line. In the second line of the address the name of the street, street number and house/flat/apartment number. If the address is a post office box number (P.O. Box) replace the name of the street, street number and house/flat/apartment number for it in the second line of the address. In the third line you have to write the postal code (a series of numbers or numbers and letters depending on the country) and the name of the city. Finally, in the last line of the address you have to write the country where the letter is addressed to.

- Postage: the correct postage has to be attached in the upper right corner of the envelope as shown in the pic.

In Spain, the return address is located in the other area of the envelope as it can be seen in the images. Both the delivery address and the postage are situated in the same place on the envelope as described before.


- The envelope is always going to be the first impression your pal will get of you.
- To write the complete address correctly, so the letter can be delivered withouth any problem.
- To write neatly and clearly, so the address can be understood.
- To write the return and delivery addresses before putting the contents inside the envelope. This way, if you bear down on the pen, you avoid to leave a trace of it over the letter-papers.
- It is recommendable to use water proof ink as mail can be damaged or get wet during the process of sending/delivery.
- To attach the correct postage on the envelope to make sure the letter arrives.

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