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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"Cantinho das Artes e Lojinha da Inês" winner!

Inês from Cantinho das Artes e Lojinha da Inês was visiting Penpalling & Letters in March to tell us about her penpalling experiences and her abilities in the handcrafts world. Besides, Inês decided to organize a contest and offer the winner a fantastic butterfly cross-stitched bookmark and keyring. The contest ended a few days ago, and after deliberating together about choosing a winner (not easy at all), we came with a result, finally:

All the names of the participants were written in little pieces of paper

All the little papers were put inside a bag

An innocent hand took the papers out of the bag. The name which was out first for three times in a row was the winner this time!

The winner is Maria! Many congratulations Maria! You are so lucky to get these fantastic handmade items from Inês!!!
Thank you so much everybody for reading Inês' interview and supporting her, as well as for taking part in the contest! Inês is very happy and pleased with all the lovely comments received and the compliments regarding her participation in P&L!
More surprises will be on Penpalling & Letters in the future so remember to keep an eye on the Blog!


  1. Thank you so much!!!
    I'm so happy that I won. It looks like 13 is my lucky number ;))
    I know I should say more but I'm so happy that I don't know what else to say but thank you and keep up the great work and thank you Bea for having contests on your blog.
    Hugs ♥ Maria

  2. Congrats Maria!

    I take this occasion to thank all the ladies who read my interview, visited my blogs and said so nice things about my crafts :)

    Maria, you can email me your address at :)