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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Meeting Clava and her handmade work

Welcome everybody to a new interview belonging to "The person behind the letter-writer". Penpalling & Letters today's guest is Clava! Clava will tell us about her experiences in the world of letters and will introduce us to her handmade creations through this interview!

- Hello Clava! Welcome to Penpalling & Letters! It is a pleasure you are visiting us today! We are looking forward to know more about your experiences in the world of letters and your personal abilities! Would you like to present yourself?

Hello everybody! My name is Claudia but most of my friends call me Clava, which is the Russian short of my name. I am 32 years old and I am living in Germany's capital, Berlin. I am married to a Russian for a year now.
I have been writing letters since I was about nine years old. I started writing to a German girl back then. Surprisingly, we are still in touch, only on Facebook, though, but in touch. I also used to be a member of IYS-International Youth Service and have been penpalling with people from all over the world ever since.
Being into letters means that I always try to write my letters on beautiful paper and like to decorate it with stickers and other cute stuff. Even if I am not into Postcrossing myself, I like to receive postcards from where my pals live, just to get an idea about their hometown or country. I also swap FBs although not heavily. With some of my pals I swap stickers or stationery every once in a while. I like collecting single sheets of unused letter paper as well but only beautiful ones, of course!

- Clava, could you tell us what do you like to create? Which abilities in the world of arts & crafts you have?

Lately I am into quilting and patchwork sewing. I like to do creative things in general, though, like playing piano, writing novels...

- How did everything start?

A friend asked me to be the Godmother of her son. I looked around in the babystores and thought there is almost only dull stuff for boys, and so much nice stuff for girls. I really couldn't find anything I liked, so I decided to make a present on my own and sew a baby blanket for him. So, this was the first blanket I sewed and I realized it is a lot of fun. Since then I have sewed nearly every day!

- Which kind of materials do you use?

I usually use cotton fabrics as they are the best for sewing. Other materials like silk or similar ones would be too expensive and also difficult to work with.

- How and where do you inspire yourself to create these wonderful blankets?

I usually see the fabrics and then get an idea of what to do with it. For pillows or patchwork samplers, I create patterns on my own. Since I have started patchwork sewing, I see patchwork-patterns everywhere... Lately we have been to a museum and I was really fascinated by the beautiful wooden floor they had there... I thought I could use the same pattern for a patchwork blanket, which would give an optical illusion.

- Do you build a pattern in your head before getting started or do you work on the item "improvising", just as inspiration comes?

I need to build the pattern in my head before, as otherwise it wouldn't suit when sewing. It is important to calculate everything in detail before in order to cut everything in the exactly same size. Otherwise, the pattern wouldn't work out well. I usually draw the pattern on paper before and write down the exact calculations. One millimeter too much or too less could already spoil it, so it is important to plan it exactly.

- For how long have you been into handmade stuff?

Oh, I have been making stuff on my own very often. It is not the first time I make presents on my own. I have also made other stuff before, like cards, calendars or bookmarks for example. And when I was younger, I sewed teddy bears and doll clothes for my younger sisters.

- How much time do you invest in every item until you finish it?

It is hard to say. It depends on the size and the pattern. When the blanket is small and the pattern not so complicated, I can do it in a few hours. When the pattern is complicated or the blanket is bigger, it might take longer.

- Do you present your creations in an online website where it is possible to check them, Clava?

Unluckily, I don't really have an own homepage, yet but I am working on that. So far I have just published my photos on Facebook.

- Do you have a favourite item/design yourself?

Well, I guess the first blanket for my Godchild will remain as a special one, eventhough I think I could do it more perfect now.

- Would you create a design upon request and wishes of a customer?

Of course! If someone has special imaginations about patterns, colours and so on, I can do everything as the customer wants. I could also add the name of the baby, for example, if wished! No problem about it!

- Could you explain us what do we have to do in order to purchase one of your blankets?

Well, I am not really a professional with it, yet. But if someone is interested in buying a blanket, I would send it with a registered letter, so it cannot be lost. It should be Euro-countries for now, though, as my bank does not cooperate with countries which use another currency. The prizes depend on the pattern, fabric and size of a blanket but, in average, would be something between 30 and 50 Euros.

Thanks a lot for participating in The person behind the letter-writer, Clava! It was a pleasure to work together with you and present to the readers this fantastic handmade work of yours! You know you are always welcome to Penpalling & Letters whenever you wish to visit us again!

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