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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Meeting penpals before the existence of the Internet

Since the birth of Penpalling & Letters a series of polls have been popping up from time to time. Most of the habitual readers do know about this section located on the right column of the Blog: Penpalling Polls. Those of you who are new to P&L, don't forget to have a look at the questions. All of them are related to penpalling and to letter writing and maybe the results are interesting for everybody who likes the letter world. All the polls are indefinitely open and new ones are posted from time to time. Today we are going to check the one related to "Meeting penpals before the existence of the Internet". For sure most of us who have been into letters before the arrival of the Internet to our lives remember how we met penpals back then. What do you think? Was it more difficult to meet people interested in penpalling at those times? Was it easier? In the graphic you can see some of the possible ways to contact/get to know penpals during those times. Surely there are other possibilities, but those are the most common ones I could think of. As you can see all the choices are pretty similar in amount of votes: "Magazines" has got the highest number of them until now, followed by "Penfriend Services". Also, the option "Other" has got a good number of votes. If some of you are willing to tell or explain how you met your pals before the Internet, we are ready to listen. Remember that you can tell your story here on the P&L Blog or at our P&L group in Facebook.

Finally, don't forget to keep an eye in the Polls Section from time to time as new polls are coming up often!

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