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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sandbook.Net PenPal and Swappers Magazine

In this post I have the pleasure to announce that Team is working on a penpalling magazine at the moment. It is planned that the first number will be published in the following weeks. Both the sending and the digital copy of the magazine are for free.

What is the magazine about?
It will contain articles and news about penpalling, ads from stationery shops, links to penpalling websites, penpal and swappers ads... among other topics.

What do you have to do to receive it?
Send an e-mail to: magazine[at]sandbook[dot]net enclosing your name, year of birth, country, interests and hobbies, and of course, your e-mail address. As soon as the first issue is ready you will receive the magazine in your mailbox!

What do you have to do to post a penpal/swapper ad?
Send an e-mail to: magazine[at]sandbook[dot]net and enclose:

  1. Your name, age, country and e-mail address

  2. Your message (tell about yourself, hobbies, interests... etc)

  3. For how long you would like that Team runs your ad (during one, two, three... magazines). If you don't specify about the length of time, it will be run for the first issue and will choose to rerun it later on or not.

What else can you do to get involved in the magazine?

  1. Send a message to: magazine[at]sandbook[dot]net to promote your blog/website/small business if any of those deals with penpalling (you can send your logo/banner as well).

  2. If you are interested, you can also write an article. The best ones will be published!

P.S.: Postal addresses won't be published for safety reasons. Friendship requests will be received through you e-mail address and then you choose yourself to whom to send your postal address. Also, if you insist on having your postal address published, you will be disregarding Team warning. In such a case you will have to send Team an e-mail underlining that you want to have your postal address published despite this warning.

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