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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Penpalling & Letters is one year-old! Giveaway!

It is exactly one year today that I decided to start this Blog about penpalling. Penpalling & Letters is my first incursion in the Blogger-world and, after 365 days, the experience is highly positive! I could not imagine that a year later Penpalling & Letters would have received so many visits from so many different places all over the world! Even if I always think that you cannot take anything for granted, you expect visits from certain countries (large countries with a large population, lands where there are many people interested in letter-writing...); however, I am still surprised that P&L got visits from some unexpected places as Guam, Kiribati, Maldives, Mauritius, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines... All places and all readers mean the same to me, even if I might get more surprised to receive a visit from Bolivia rather than one from the USA. Why? I guess this is a story for a future post... But coming back to the heart of this post, I just want to thank all the readers that visited, whenever you kept visiting once and again or you just passed by, to all the encouraging messages received in the last year, and to many lovely people I had the chance to meet through P&L!
And just to celebrate Penpalling & Letters first anniversary I am giving away up to 500 grams of stationery (in the pic you can see some of it) to a lucky P&L reader!

How to enter this giveaway?

It is very easy! Just go on reading... The only imposition on my side is that any "anonymous" won't be taken into account. If possible "I would like to know you". How? Just sign with a Blogger, Twitter, Facebook... profile. Or at least, leave your name and tell me you are in Facebook, Twitter, any social network, website... If I cannot find you anywhere, I am very sorry but cannot take you in. I don't think I am asking too much. I simply don't want to send a prize to a "ghost". And this is what you have to do to participate:

1. Leave a comment in this post and tell me (remember to leave a way to contact you):

- How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
- What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
- What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?

Please, notice that if you would like to participate in this contest, your reply has to be written here, in this same post (under comments). Comments in Facebook or any other place around Internet won't be taken into account. Also, only one entry per person is allowed, so chances to get the prize are the same to everyone.

Taking part in this first anniversary giveaway is very easy! Everybody is welcome to enter and if you feel like it, tell your pals and friends as well. It is a good chance to get some cute papers from P&L! Deadline will be the 1st February, 2011, at 00:00 GMT+1 Time Zone. I will announce the winner a few days later. Good luck to all participants and let me use this first post of 2011 to wish everyone a wonderful New Year!!!


  1. Hiya dear ^^ Yes, feel free to link back to my page ^^ It's amazing that it's been a year already ^0^ Congratulations!! I'm not entering the giveaway, because I have lots of stationery and won't steal the chance of someone who might want some ^^ But I'd like to say that I especially appreciate the polls you created and also the overall cheerful atmosphere on this blog, a lot of people participate in creating it and show us that letter writing is still far from being a lost art!!
    Happy new year!

  2. Hello dear Tanuki! Thanks for your comment and for letting me link to your New Year's post. Will do it right now! Time flies and a whole year has passed quickly! I am happy to hear you like the polls and the atmosphere here; more strength to go on working on the Blog! I also wish to your Blog and to all the fellow bloggers around many years online, and that all of us continue talking about writing, letters, postcards... always to maintain them alive! I believe that penpalling is not a lost art anymore while so many of us still do it! By the way, I still will keep you inside the contest. ^^ You took the time to leave a comment here and leave some words, and I really appreciate it! Happy New Year to you, too! ^^

  3. I'll be greedy for stationery so I join ;)

    1) I think I first discovered penpalling and letters when googling penpalling, and then I saw link to it in other blogs.
    2) I come back here because the posts are interesting and I can get to know many new things.
    3) Hm, I don't know if I like mail or cultural related posts more. I cannot tell, really. Both are great.

    All the best and many new viewers from exotic and big countries in the new year!

  4. I am glad that you are greedy Aga! Thanks for taking part and for your time in replying to the questions! Good luck! ;)

  5. Congratulations, my dear!!! Keep up the great job and may P&L grow bigger and bigger every year!!!

    I believe there are ppl out there who are a lot more fond of nice stationary and stuff like that than I am, so I'm just dropping by to wish P&L a Happy and even more Successful New Year!

    Take care! *hugs*

  6. Thank you dear Evi! These encouraging words are important to me so I go on working on this project. However, it P&L would not be possible without all the readers and participants, which means it is also yours!

    I understand that perhaps you aren't so fond of stationery and such cute stuff, but as well as Tanuki, I will count you in because you deserve it! I also want to wish you a very Happy and Successful year as well as to Ivory Scenes!

    Take care and hugs!

  7. I am ashamed of myself for just discovering your blog tonight.
    1-I came across your group on Facebook by doing a penpal search. I wish I discovered this blog and the thought of becoming a penpal a lot soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your blog.
    2-It is great, interesting, informative and fun. 3-What I love most about penpalling is receiving the first letter from my new pal. I make sure that I secure some alone time with my letter. I want to be able to soak it all in. I know that sounds a bit weird, but I treat the letters I receive as if I am right in-front of the sender.

    I just shared the link on my Facebook (Shiloh Taclan)

  8. I am on Facebook under name Beth Dodd-Smith. I found you on one of my pen pals' pages and another pen pal also recommended the group. I have been pen palling since I was 15 years old, and I will be 39 this month. I love receiving mail.

  9. Hi Shiloh!

    The P&L Blog gives name to the Facebook profile and the group, so even if you found the Blog after the group/profile, I am glad you found it now! Hope you enjoy your visits here, as well as to our group, and of course, you are in! Good luck! ;)

  10. -I discovered your great group with some searches on Facebook about penpals and snail mail onces.
    -Hmm EVERYTHING :) Penpalling & Letters has a special charm, not like other groups, it always shows something new and I find that awesome! & because of it I got 3 new great penpals. <3
    -What I do like most about the group is that it contains only respectful poeple, it gives you the possiblity to meet new poeple in short time (as I did :)) and have fun with receiving cute letters.

    I'm Sahar Bakkali on Facebook.
    And Happy Birthday :D all the best with a best continuation.

  11. I have been penpalling on and off since my teenage years infact that's how i met my husband and we have been married 16 years.Since becoming a member of this site i have been lucky to find some lovely friends through it.I have suffered with depression and anxiety for 13 years and this site has given me the chance to find some lovely caring people and this helps me cope with my illness so much more.So a big thank you to this site and all my penpals xx

  12. -How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    I was browsing through some blogger sites and found this one! And I love it!!
    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    To see if there's something new!
    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    You've got interesting topics, questions and things!

    Yeah I am on Facebook, you can find me (Mirjan Dekker), I am in your group overthere too.

    Hugs Mir

  13. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

    * I discovered PenPalling and Letters while reading someone's blog (unfortunately, I can't remember whose blog it was)
    * I keep coming back to the P&L to read the newest posts.
    * What I like about this blog is that it's so informative. I love learning new things esp. when it comes to history or other countries/cultures.

    I can be contacted: redfish0002000 at

  14. 1) You follow my blog, that's how I found you.
    2) Wide range of topics that are interesting to me keeps me coming back.
    3) Blog is clean, organized, articulate, and focuses on a topic that is one of my favorite hobbies!
    Happy New Year 2011!

  15. Congratulations on your 1st blog year! It truly is an amazing thing what you do. It has rekindled my love for writing letters. :) I'd love to join your contest & I hope to win! :D

    1. I discovered Penpalling & Letters thru Postcrossing. I was browsing the forum threads when I stumbled upon your blog link in one of the posts there.

    2. I really like the informative articles and the links you have pertaining to penpalling (penpal sites, stationery shops, etc.). I like how you feature many things & how you provide tips to people to make this hobby a lot more fun & enjoyable.

    3. I love your interviews of people around the world and their own experiences of a particular holiday (example: Christmas). It's interesting to read how other people from different parts of the world spend their holidays. I also love your features of other penpalling magazines & sites.

    You can contact me at: viridianzephyr at gmail dot com. Thank you & all the best! :)

  16. I discovered you via Sandbook :)
    I always come back to this blog to see if there is some new post with interesting advices or maybe new poll. I like to vote and to see the results :)
    There's not lot blogs about penpalling, that's why i love love love Penpalling & Letters. And i just love your facebook page..

    isollea at gmail dot com

  17. I discovered you via Postcrossing if I'm not mistaken. ^^ I wrote the part about St. Dimpna for this blog. I always come back to penpalling and letters because I love all the information about how to write a letter and about holidays from all over the world, etc. I also like the polls. I think that I answered question 2 and 3 in one sentence. ^^ I'm also a 'friend' on facebook (group and profile).

  18. I found you through postcrossing. I keep coming back to learn about all the different things you share with us.My fave part of this blog is the penpal ads.Thanks for the giveaaway!

  19. i discovered you by facebook,im an avid penpaller and was browsing and suggested penpalling and letters as a friend and as i love penpalling and 4 of my friends and 2 of my pen friends are friends with you i thought why not :)never no might find some more life long friends,

  20. Good evening! Congratulations for your first anniversary and I wish many and many anniversaries and great success to come! ^^^
    Before I start, I don't know where this login will lead you to, so my facebook page is and I go by Bruna Lordello ^^ I also have a twitter page @brunalc , though I write in portuguese.

    ~ I am not exactly about how I discovered this blog, but I remember being here before! Perhaps I was surfing on penpalling sites and I came here! If i'm not mistaken, there was another giveaway going on here. I remember wanting to take part of it, but I didn't have a good mind to create a good answer.
    ~ I liked the blog because it has written everything that I needed as a new person in this business. I mean, I started exchanging letters when I was 11, but with a girl from my country. Sending letters to foreigners is completely different, as the lenght of the letters and also the style of the letters I get now are completely different. Also, here in Brazil I just can't find stationary anymore, the shipping to fly them in is very expensive, so here in this blog I found great tips of how to spice up my letters! Definitely I noticed a big change on my writing! :)
    ~ What I like the most about penpalling and letters is getting in my hands an envelope that travelled many days, across the world, from a place that probably Ive never seen. I don't know why but I a place that I've never been before to me is a unreal place lol. Very nonsense and random, I know ^^ But receiving a letter from someone, and also receiving pictures that my penpals send, is a way of knowing that this whole world is real! Also since I've begun sending letters abroad, I've been fascinating about cultures and it made me wanna visit every single country in the world and not only the "most popular" such as US and Europe. Since the beginning, now I would give my kingdom to cross the world on a trip and meet my friends that dedicate their time to write to someone they never met and also try different delicious foods! Also about penpalling, I like the fact that I've discovered people who live in completely different ways of life/culture and even so they can be so like me! Share same points of view, dreams...and they trust and really put the effort in a friendship with someone they've never met before... =)

  21. - I discovered Penpalling and Letters on another blog in this wonderful world wide web. Someone linked here because of one entry and I came here and saw that there are so much nice entries.

    - I love the theme, of course. I am writing letters for years now and I love to read about this theme here. I like your way of writing about it and I love what I learn here. I mean I have a lot pen pals in this world, but not from everywhere and I really like to learn more about the pen paling world in other countries :)!

    - I love your way of writing and the theme at all :)! Writing letters is my favourite hobby and I love to read about it here.


  22. Grats! :)

    - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    I found the website through google :D
    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    The diversity of articles
    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    Everything! There's so much fun articles to read. I love to use your website as a resource when I'm writing letters.

  23. - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    I think there was an add on another penpal site about the givaway and tha's how I came here :)

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    Stories ... I love rading about penpaling and letters!

    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    Giveaways but I never win anything LOL
    Just kidding, I like everything. Keep up the great work and Happy BDay :)

    Love, Maria from Croatia!

  24. I discovered Penpalling & Letters when it was suggested to me as a friend on Facebook!! I am so glad I sent the friend request & joined the group!!
    I love the contacts with other people & the questions & just getting to know others through their culture & interests!!
    What keeps me coming back? EVERYTHING!! Seriously! I love the connections & involvement by everyone!! Its really a great place to go!!
    And I love stationery!! <3 <3

  25. - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    Saw your article in magazine

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    The different things you have put on your blog. I'm getting back into penpalling again after a 10 year break so I'm always looking around for more penpals ;)

    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    The tips and polls are nice. So you can discover what others think about the same questions ;)

  26. Hello, I saw your comment in Goodnight Little spoon and thought of taking my chances. I love letter writing!I have been writing letters since I was 10. I also write letters on the computer and e-mails. I will be reading your blog exactly because I love the way people make letter writing a way of life. Ariadne from Greece!

  27. Hi!! I am on facebook under the name Georgia Mystrioti!!/georgia.mystrioti I am rather novice when it comes to penpalling since I've only found penpals after 7 years of trying. (Apparently I was searching in the wrong places in the wrong time!)Here we go, then!

    -How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    Well, I found you through on Facebook and as I was thinking of adding you, you added me back! I'm still so happy about it! Then I started navigating through your page and blog!

    -What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    The posts are too interesting to pass up, even for people like me who have a low boredom threshold! Who can forget mentioning the polls, too? The only ones I find worth contributing to!

    -What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    Of course the posts with the letter writing tips! Seriously now, since I'm a novice, as I said, these posts are really educating for me! Now I can finally start penpalling with confidence, since I'm very chatty already and have taken care of those details that will make my penpalling experience special! Thanks very, very much! :D

    Much Love,
    Georgia from Greece!

  28. I discovered this site three times.

    I was a high school student when I accidentally visited this blog. It was new back then, and didn't have lots of polls at that time.

    The second time was on sandbook.. before the time sandbook hasn't got a makeover. I just clicked on this site, but didn't explored or anything. I recall just visiting the tips section.

    Until, I joined the Postcrossing, and participated in the postcrossing forum. It was then that I recall this blogsite, and from that day on.. I really put the name on my memory. It's because I always forgot the name of this site, that I also decided to follow it.

    What keeps me coming back?
    Since I started to follow, I can now read and be updated by the new entries. (Oh dear, it just started to rain really hard in my place ; ]
    I try to read the experiences of the bloggers that I follow, and learn from them. It's an awesome experience!

    What do I like most in this blog? Hmm.. that's pretty a tough one. What I found in this blog it that the polls are its USP (Unique Selling Point) for me. I learned things from them.

    Congratulations friend for making it a year! God bless and More Power!

  29. Congrats on your fisrt birthday! Looking forward to many more :)

    1) How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    - a couple of my friends on turned me onto the site

    2)What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    - the friendliness of the site.

    3)What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    - Everything :)The variety of aricles is amazing!

  30. Hello and Happy Anniversary P & L
    I first discovered your blog through google. I just make a come back on letter writing at that time and it's through this blog that I found many other blogs on pen palling. :)
    I'm a follower of your blog and I keep on coming back coz' all posts related to mails really caught my interest.
    What makes your blog more interesting is that it also includes on culture and history of each traditions and sometimes places too :)

  31. Wow! One year of blogging!!! Hooray for you! And happy anniversary!!! :)
    - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters? I discovered your blog through another fellow penpaller's blog a few months ago. At first I didn't have a blogger account so I kept it on my pc bookmarks. But now that I have got an account on here, I added you to my following list and I can now never miss an update!
    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters? Of course the fact that I am a massive and dedicated penpal is a plus for me to stay among followers of this interesting blog! I like what you post about, the way you do it. I love seeing pictures and I love to know there are many fellow snailmailers around the globe!
    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters? Photos, links, topics discussed.. Is everything a fair enough answer to this question?! :)
    Good job, keep on going because we all like you veeeery much!!!! :) :) :)

  32. I am Manuela, a member of Facebook and I take part of the team (I take some pictures for the magazine), so you can find me there on Facebook! :-)

    I firstly discovered your blog some months ago, but I am more a blogs' reader than a writer so I passed by many times and never wrote.
    Lat time I went back to your blog was after reading Sandbook so I came again in your beautiful blog :-)
    I like mail posts the most, as I am a snail mail lover but cultural and daylife posts are also nice :-) keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers! :-)

  33. Hi I am Angel from Taiwan!
    I firstly found your profile on Facebook a couple of months ago, which is just great. Some of my friends are also mutual friends.
    Though I have not been penpalling as long as other people do (I have only been penpalling for about two years), I really like to write long, and interesting letters, about everything and anything.

    I like "Penpalling $ Letters", and always keep viewing the latest status so as to find perhaps some more new pen pals. :)

    As I previously mentioned, I like "Penpalling & Letters" keeps sharing news, and also, some fun activities (for example, this activity!)! :D

    You can find me on FAcebook, for sure: (Angel Su)

  34. Congratulations on the anniversary. I come back to check out the interesting articles!

  35. Hey, I'm Magalie Sutter (from France) and I'm on facebook.

    - I discovered your blog while browsing blogs about penpalling, as I love reading this kind of blogs about one of my fave hobbies!
    - I wanted to see if there was something new to read. :)
    - I like the pools and also the posts about penpalling tips, they are very interesting.

    Congrats for your first birthday, I hope there will be a lot of other ones. :)

  36. merhaba :)

    i am Nihan from Türkiye and i am on Facebook and Postcrossing. i tried to post my comment on your blog but couldn't do it, could you help me please? thanks! :)

    well, i just found out about this great website via Postcrossing forum :) and i would like to participate in your giveaway as i really love stationery and of course penpalling :)

    congratulations for your first birthday and i hope this great blog will continue as a long-term. good luck! and thanks for accepting me for your stationery giveaway :)

    all the best,

  37. I found you via facebook. And congratulations to the first birthday ;)

    Im coming back because its interesting to see what people think about several posts and so on.
    its a nice way to exchange thoughts, see some stats and tipps about PP

    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?

  38. - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?

    Congratulations for your first anniversary! It's always good to read your new articles.

    How did I discover you... I think it was through the sandbook magazine. I have seen the blog before, random surfing.
    Why I come back? Pen palling is my favorite hobby.. You write about it in an interesting way. It is interesting to also read the comments on different subjects.

    I have to say, I love your polls! That might be a stupid reason, but well... ^^

  39. Hi , i am trying my luck to see if i can win the free stationeries.

    How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?

    >> I found out that my penpal/s joined penpalling & letters on facebook.

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?

    >> penpalling is my favourite hobby. i can get to know new penpals here.

    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?

    >> penpalling and letters has many members , which give me good chances to know more penpal.

    i don't have a blog, so i will give my facebook profile!/profile.php?id=799320044

  40. Congratulations for the 1st year!! You're doing an excellent job here, I bet there are not many blogs about penpalling as nice and devoted as yours!! :)))

    I discovered it cause I already knew you, miss administrator!! ;) and I must say that it's a pleasure!
    I come here cause there are updates pretty often and you manage to keep finding interesting topics, tips and little treats to encourage us to check out regularly, kudos to your creativity!
    I enjoy the tips pretty much, and I must say your interviews are very interesting as well! Oh and for sure this type of contests are highly enjoyable, thanks for the initiative!! ^^ ((((HUGS)))

  41. 1.) I saw Penpalling and Letters on facebook and loved it.

    2.) I like the topics and that it's updated often :)

    3.)I like all the tips provided

  42. Congratulations on your first year <3 I feel silly for only just discovering this blog. I searched all over for a great penpal related blog, and found you *^_^*.
    I am happy to say that i will be here next year to celebrate your 2nd year too :)
    I love this blog because it kinda feels like how a good penpal relationship should, you look forward to it, its warm and inviting, and you both learn a lot from each other :)

    Cheryl x

  43. - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    I found the website from sandbooknet
    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    The find more penpals , learn about nice way to make stationary
    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    All articles about swapping, friendshipbooks ,and penpal advertising

  44. This is Kris Schultz McMillin from Facebook and I want to say how much I enjoy your page on there and your blog! I've been pen palling for about 34 years now and still enjoy it so very much. Keep up the great work and happy 1st anniversary!

  45. This is Kris Schultz McMillin from Facebook, I enjoy your blog and your Facebook page very much. It's so nice to find so many people who enjoy writing and sharing their experiences. I hope you will celebrate many more anniversaries!

  46. Uhhhh.... I can't remember how I found your blog but that was some 3 months ago, I think it was through Facebook but I can't remember. To be honest, I don't know if I would have found it again if it wasn't for the Facebook group of yours that as you know I'm really enjoying :-) What I like about your blog are the pools on the left - I'm a survey person, I can answer 1000 questions in a row :-) Plus it's great to find out what other people think and compare it to what my answer is. Also, you can see easily that the owner of the blog is devoted to writing and that's the most important thing. From the practical side, I love the list of websites with pen-pals ad and online stationary shops :-) Natalia in Poland :-)

  47. Hi there =) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
    I discovered your blog through a facebook page I recently joined. I live in Jordan and I enjoy writing letters very much
    this is my facebook profile
    have a nice time :-)

  48. - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    One of my pal added me on your facebook group named Penpalling & Letters.
    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    Learn to make stationary .
    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    Informations for new pals

    Msn : or face :!/Ayten.Bekiroglu

  49. first i like to say congratulations on this great blog exsisiting for one uear already!

    - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    I am sure i found it through postcrossing

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    I share this penpalling hobby with so many other great people and this blog is excellent for me!

    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    I like to read about how other people do their hobby, some interesting facts and tips.

    I wish all the best and keep up the good work!!

    best wishes from the Netherlands; Leonie/dandilon

  50. Karla Castellanos24 January 2011 at 04:24

    Hi.. i recently joined this group and i like it so far.

    how did I found this group? i found it from one of my penpal's friends list so i decided to click it and find out.

    i got the messages through facebook and i started to surf it often.

    what i like about this is that i enjoy those questions that helps me to figure about my answers and i enjoy meeting penpals..

    keep it up from Illinois USA..

  51. First of all Congratulations for 1 year anniversary !

    -How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    I discovered the blog with some searches on Google about penpalling and snail mail .

    -What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    Because I think it's an interesting blog and I like to read all news :)
    In the Internet Era where everything is immediate but also impersonal, it is very nice to receive a "real" letter in your mailbox so penpalling is one of my favorite
    hobbies ;)

    -What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    It 's a blog where I can find information and useful tips.
    One thing I do not like ... sometimes read the blog withblack background strains the eyes, but otherwise I think that everything is very well organized ;)

    I just shared the link on my Facebook profile ( )
    Greetings from Italy and sorry for my poor English :P


  52. How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    One day I was searching for penpal websites and came across this blog and i truely love it.

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    The content, being able to search new penpals and meeting new people. The owner of this blog is a very sweet person and I love her facebook group as well.

    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?

    Well, contests for one, being able to search for new penpals, new articles about mail and various things I never knew before. my name is Samantha

  53. Hello Penpalling & Letters! And congratulations for your first anniversary! :)

    So let me answer here to your questions:
    - How did I discover Penpalling & Letters?
    Ahh, I have to say that everything started when I met a penpal of mine. She had Penpalling & Letters on her friend list on facebook and I was curious to know what that was. I opened the page and saw you have a blog. Since I am into blogging and snail mail too I was very interested in reading any new post! :D

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    Umm I would say I am a very courious person, always looking for news, new tips,and anything about one of my favorite hobbies!

    - What do you like most about Penpalling & Letters?
    I really love the surveys on the right part of the page, they are very interesting! I also like the fact that I can find anything related to snail mail and swapping and many tips I never knew before. :)

    Ohh here is my contact info:

    Greetings from Venice, Italy!


  54. How did I discover Penpalling & Letters?
    I was looking for a page abput penpalling at facebook and found you

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    Penpalling has been my biggest hobby since I was a kid and to have a page were I just can read about it is so great. So I'm comming back because I love everything that are about letters.

    What do you like most about Penpalling & Letters?
    That I can find new penpals, but also find tips about letters

    cantact info


  55. Hello!

    - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    Facebook search for penpals. It turned up with the facebook pages for Penpalling Letters and from there a link to this wonderful blog ^_^
    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    I love the stories, I've been penpalling for about 6 months and I love it and enjoy reading about other people's experiences and learning new things!
    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    The advice I've found here :) Thanks for everything


  56. Hi there.This is Crystal.I am from Ontario Canada.I came across this site/page while searching facebook for some pen pals to snail mail with.It is hard these days to come across a good site that has lots of penpals to search through and find that have something in common with you.I found everything I was looking for in this site so thank you soooooo very much!I have been palling since I was 12 years old and I will be 34 years old this year.I still enjoy palling very much.I look forward to meeting new friends from here.Happy palling to you all.
    Crystal (

  57. I just love pen paling! It's so much fun and I just love talking to everyone of my pals!
    -I started pen palling when my boyfriend went out of state for school. This helped me because all my pals would let me talk about him and they'd listen no matter what! They're amazing and even when he's back I'm going to keep pen palling!
    - I just love the letters! Who doesn't like to get mail? I'm always so happy to see a letter in the mail box and know it's some good news from a pal instead of a crummy old bill.
    - What I like most would have to be the people, my friends. I've grown quite close to some of my pen pals and just adore them! Sometimes we swap things, which is always fun too!!

    I love new stationary for I always like to keep my pals entertained! ANd lovely colorful stationary can brighten anyone's day!


    - How did you discover Penpalling & Letters?
    It was via Facebook, I was browsing penpalling groups on there and up you popped and I've since become addicted reading and commenting on posts in the group most days, I love all the interaction going on there.

    - What keeps you coming back to Penpalling & Letters?
    There's always so many intersesting topics being added. It's a place of great variation but all linked to my favourite hobby. It's gives me inspiration and I love that my hobby has grown beyong just writing letters itself, I love reading this blog and am so happy to have found you.

    - What do you like most in Penpalling & Letters?
    All the helpful hints, it's a great place to come if you're suffering from writers block and your letters just aren't flowing. Or to get different ideas to make your letters different and more interesting so your pals get more enjoyment out of them.

    Stationery giveaways arfe also great too, I'm a cute stationery addict.

  59. hey there.. just wanted to say great site... how did i dicover penpal and letters well,.. to be honest i was looking for more penpals and i searched it on facebook and i found it.

    what keeps me coming back? the people and all the great articles...

    what i like most about penpalling and letters. i like all the information you can read and get and i also like that there is variety :P

    really great job keep up the great work..


  60. Hey there, I must say you have a great blog!!. I'm Mandy from St. Lucia. I came across this site from the blogs I follow list of a postcard collector because I collect postcards also. What I like about this site is thegreat articles which just by reading I've learnt alot from which will improve my penpalling skills. Being this my first time I most certainly will come back as it is a really informative and at the same time fun blog

    Good Job:)


  61. Loa Saevarsdottir31 January 2011 at 23:41

    Great blog :) I only just recently discovered it .. I am on your site on facebook and I plan to visit this site much more now that I found it :)
    It seems very intersting and I would love to win some paper as we dont have shops here in Iceland that sells so cute stationary :/