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Friday, 28 January 2011

Tips on letter writing II

Once that you have decided to start writing letters and got involved in penpalling, have in mind the structure of a letter, learnt how to address an envelope and remember some tips to start with the first letter and some other general ones: Tips on letter writing I you find yourself in front of a sheet of paper... You shouldn't feel totally lost because you know you have help from the tips we have already discussed. At first there is a feeling of lack of practice for sure (doubts because you still do not know how to get started or what to write) but it will disappear as soon as you get immersed in letter writing and get confident and comfortable with your writing.

However, you should have in mind you have to write a clean, tidy, decent letter. No-one wishes to receive a scribbled letter in a torn paper. Be sure that if you send such a letter not only won't you get any reply but your letter will end up in the waste bin.
Cute stationery is one of those accesories that cannot be separated from the letter-writing world. However, if you don't have the possibility to get such kind of beautiful papers, don't worry! (Note: you can download and print stationery/writing papers/decorated papers for free by checking this link: Penpalling Connections and go to "Free Stationery"). After all it is the content which matters and not the papers on which the text is written! As I said before any kind of paper is fine as far as you are clean and tidy when writing a letter. The look of the letter definitely counts to cause a great impression to your new pal or just the opposite!
Do you prefer to handwrite a letter? Then make sure that your handwriting is readable and neat. If your penpal finds herself/himself trying to decipher your writing as it would be a hieroglyphic be careful! It is possible that she/he gives up at the first try. In such a case, I recommend you to try to be very careful and take the time and patience to write in a legible way... If not, you always can type your letter if this is a good solution for both your pal and you!
When writing check about mistakes and misspelling. Of course all of us do mistakes, especially if you are writing in a foreign language it can be difficult for begginners and non-natives sometimes, but a letter full of mistakes and errors is not nice to read at all, especially because of carelessness. Be sure it harms the eyes!
When writing a letter never use that chat slang which, sometimes, you can see online. For example, in English: Gr8 2 see u. I would never reply to a letter written like that and I am sure that many people out there wouldn't, either. Such way of writing harms the eyes as well!

So remember to be careful and organized when writing a letter. It is about to cause a good impression to your new pal and get a reply back! You will see how much joy and happiness it will bring to you!

If you are looking for advice on penpalling check: "Tips on letter writing".


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  2. I think the tips are great, however, I must admit that I hardly ever use my dictionary when writing and my letters are probably full of spelling mistakes - hopefully I can make it up to my pals with an interesting content :-)

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