Penpalling & Letters

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Decorated letterbox

This time I would like to share with all of you one picture of a beautiful letterbox I have taken during a trip to a small village in southeastern France. The following elements are painted on it: the "Mediterranean" sea, an angel bringing letters and then, two flags: the one on the left is the Catalonia flag, together with the donkey, a kind of symbol in this area; the one on the right, the Austrian flag, tells the country of origin of the family owning that house.

Have you ever found in your way a beautifully painted letterbox? How did it look like?


  1. That's the cutest postbox I've ever seen! As a Catalan, I should really use the example :P

  2. So nice letterbox, the design was so creative enough to make the post man and other people get amazed of it. It seems it encourages someone to drop letters. I wish i can make our postbox as good as this.

  3. Quite possibly the prettiest little letterbox I've ever seen!