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Monday, 1 March 2010

Playmobil and postal mail

A few days ago one of my friends uploaded some pictures of her son's toys and I discovered these cute accesories from Playmobil®. Aren’t they cool? I would have wished to have those when I was a child! All of them are mail-related:

The first picture shows the Playmobil Post Office. You can see the postal box, the boxes full of mail, the postal scale, files, packages and letters, just like a real Post Office!

Here you can see the Playmobil DHL Delivery Truck carrying the packages, the delivery man holding the necessary tools to do his work and even a hand truck to carry the heavy packages.

Finally, the last image shows Playmobil Mail Carriers: a postman holding a trolley full of mail and a postwoman carrying the mail in her bicycle. You can see the letters both of them are going to deliver. Just look at the letter the postman is holding in his right hand for more detail! In the set there is a postal box as well.

[Images taken from Playmobil®]


  1. Hey, are these mail carriers Ana and Paulo actually? There was a post about these at the postcrossing blog not so long ago..

  2. Hehe, so they were already christened in the Postcrossing Forum with Portuguese names. :) Oh well, Ana is international, but Paulo is Portuguese. I had never seen this post before. A friend of mine just uploaded some pictures with the toys gifted to his son during last Christmas and I found these Playmobil stuff so cute and so mail-related that I had to post the pics here as well. :) Aren't they cute?

  3. actually they are....all these Playmobil toys...I love their colours! If i had a set of these next to me, i would most probably play with them...*blush* :)))) thats the eternal child in me :)

  4. I think I would do the same if I had them. They are too appealing to not doing it! *blush* :D