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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Poste Européenne de l'Amitié

In mid-90s, at the same time I discovered the existence of IYS-International Youth Service, I also got to know about Poste Européenne de l'Amitié (or European Post of Friendship), working under the patronage of the European Community (European Union nowadays).

Poste Européenne de l'Amitié was created in 1975 by a group of voluntary workers. Since then, it has favoured the correspondence exchange among more than 200000 French young people and from other European nationalities (13 to 20 years of age). This service was free of charge because as they state Friendship is a richness which cannot be commercialized:

37, Rue des Francs-Bourgeois
75004 Paris

Back then, I got one pal through Poste Européenne de l'Amitié and my brother got two pals as well. Therefore, this association was working well back to the 90s. I have tried to search about them on the Internet and I found the website of the Maison de l'Europe de Paris-House of Europe in Paris and the site of the Federation of Houses of Europe.

However, I couldn't find anything about their current activity and if they are still involved in the correspondence exchange for young people. If someone out there, especially French people, do know something about Poste Européenne de l'Amitié, let me know the news you have about them and if they are still active at present.


  1. I also had my first penpals through "La poste européenne de l'amitié", it was a great penpal organization! So many memories...!

  2. I also had my first penpals through "La poste européenne de l'amitié", it was a great organization! So many good memories..!!

  3. Do you know if they still continue working, Violaine?

  4. No, i was wondering about it yesterday, this is how i found your website! I think it doesn't exist anymore because it's not the first time i'm looking for it and there is nothing on it....Sorry, i can't help... ;)

  5. Thank you for coming back and reply! I also searched for it and there was nothing online so I was wondering if they still keep working on putting people in touch. It was a service for the French youngters, mostly. If you were based outside of France, you could only get in touch with French boys and girls but not with other nationalities.
    Are you the same person who has asked to join our group in Facebook? :)

  6. I've totally ignored that only people inside France could get other nationality penpals! You're welcome, this website is very interesting and amazing, i love it very much!! Thank you! And yes i'm the same Violaine!! ;)