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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Penpalling Sites

Before the Internet arrived to our lives, many of us met penpals through magazines, penpal organizations, stays abroad to learn the language, holidays, school-exchanges, friendship-books (FBs)… Meeting pals seemed a bit more difficult at those times than nowadays. With the arrival of the Internet penpal sites spreaded and people got in touch more easily than before. Some websites have come and then were gone. Some have remained active for several years now. Others have disappeared after a while...

The good point about penpalling websites and their ads is that people can write as much as they wish to give information about themselves. The more information you obtain, the best idea you get about that potential pal and then you can decide whether you are interested in contacting that person or not. In previous times, short ad-magazines or penpal information provided by penpal organizations was so scarce that it was difficult to know if you had enough points in common to get along with this pal. So, in my opinion, ads from penpalling websites are a much better way to get to know which people are more likely to become your pal than other ways.

At first I thought about mentioning some penpalling websites in this entry according to characteristics as they are: nice interface, easy search, often updated, sites controlled by the owner, need of registration, free of charge or not, or even amount of spamming messages. In the end I have realized that this is such a personal taste that it is impossible to choose "the best penpalling sites". Therefore, check this section of the Blog: "Penpalling Connections" and have a look around to surf those sites I have compiled and see which one interests you the most. If you know about any penpalling site you really like let me know about it and I will post its link on the "Penpalling Connections" section.

If you are looking for penpals you can leave an ad at the Penpalling and Letters Blog as well, and it will be published as soon as possible after being checked:




If you are looking for advice on penpalling check: "Tips on letter writing"


  1. Thanks so much for linking to my Postcardia blog! I've just discovered yours, but it's one that I'm going to link and return to. My favourite site for finding penpals so far is, but there's many sites on you're list that I haven't heard of before, so I'm going to check some of them out as well.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment here, Tash! I really love your Blog and the idea you transmit so I didn't think twice in linking it to mine. I am visiting it often, in fact. No doubt your project is really interesting!
    In this section of the Blog I have compiled most sites which are still active in the net. The quality is diverse but still there are many which are worth a visit.
    Hope we go on visiting each other for a very long time! See you soon! :)