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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Anniversary winner!

Penpalling & Letters first anniversary was last 1st January, 2011 and to celebrate it a contest has been running during the whole month of January. Deadline to take part in was last February, 1st at 00:00 GMT+1 Time Zone. Today I have the pleasure to announce the lucky winner of a goodie bag of cute writing papers! However, let's see the process first:

I wrote down all the names of the participants in little pieces of paper

I put all the little papers inside a bag

I asked an innocent hand to take one of the papers out of the bag and this is how the winner is picked out!

The winner is Nat from Poland. Many congratulations Nat! You will be contacted soon so I am able to send you the package in the next days!

Thanks so much to everybody who took part in the contest! In the end there were a lot of people taking part and even if I don't like "chance" to have the final say, there were many interesting replies and it would not have been easy to pick a winner among them. However, I decided to choose the best three entries on my behalf and send those people a little consolation prize. Again, it was very difficult to choose, and if I could I would have given something to everyone, but at the moment it is not possible without a sponsor. Just in case, if someone is interested in becoming Penpalling & Letters sponsor we always can discuss about it!
So, those entries were the ones written by: Bruna from Brazil, Anne from Philippines and Georgia from Greece. Please, girls, get in touch at penpallingandletters[at]gmail[dot]com and send me your postal address so I am able to send you this little prize.

Once more, thanks to all the participants and don't give up! More surprises will be on Penpalling & Letters in the next months so remember to keep an eye on the Blog!


  1. Wow! That must be me!!!! So exciting! It's the first time I actually won something! Thank you :-))))

  2. Congrats Nat!! :) You're a lucky girl!!

  3. Congrats, Nat! That was truly lucky! :)

    Also, thank you for the consolation prize. I'm on the roof! Hahaha! Congratulations once again in your first blogging year. All the best!

  4. Ooh, not me;P Hehe. Congratulations, Nat :)

  5. What a wonderful blog, I found you through the group on facebook that I was invited to join, and I will be following you from now on! Love it!

  6. Just wanted to let everybody know that I received my price and LOVE the goodie bag! Plenty of letter sets! Thank you once again!